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The effectiveness of high dose/intensive targeted tutoring

Tutoring programs that support data use and ongoing informal assessments allow tutors to more effectively tailor their instruction for individual students.

Ensuring students have a consistent tutor over time may facilitate positive tutor-student relationships and a stronger understanding of students’ learning needs.

Researchers have found tutoring to be effective at all grade levels—even for high school students who have fallen quite far behind. The evidence is strongest, with the most research available, for reading-focused tutoring for students in early grades and for math-focused tutoring for older students.

Tutoring is most likely to be effective when delivered in high doses through tutoring programs

with three or more sessions per week or intensive, week-long, small-group programs taught by

talented teachers.

Students should receive tutoring frequently and regularly throughout the school year. All students who have not yet mastered math and reading standards should receive intensive targeted tutoring.

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