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Change Your Child's Education Story

About Tutoring

Next Level Up’s Philosophy in a nutshell: Meeting your child where he/she is, establishing a safe relationship, and facilitating a healthy plan to assist growth educationally and mentally.

We provide small group or individualized tutoring sessions with a teacher. On the first tutoring session we provide diagnostic screening to find the holes in your child's education and then we target those skills through individualized instruction. We help students facing all challenges.  We are there for your child every step of the way. It is more than just giving them a packet to work on for you to grade.

We offer one on one tutoring with dedicated teacher and small group tutoring sessions. 


Age levels and Small Group Focus:

  • 5-8: Focus on building foundational skills in Math, Reading, and Phonics 

  • 9-12: Focus on developing a firm foundation in Math and Reading, while improving study skills and ability to think critically.

  • 13+: Focus on college readiness for Math and Reading through complex problems and texts on a wide variety of subjects.

We use evidence based strategies and programs to help your child become a proficient learner in any subject. 

Our small group focus is dedicated to math and reading, but one-on-one tutoring is designed around the child in any or all areas. 

We recommend at least 8 weeks to show significant growth.  

Math Focus:

  • Algebraic thinking

  • Numbers and Operations- Base Ten

  • Numbers and Operations- Fractions

  • Geometry

  • Measurement and Data

  • Mathematical Practice

ELA Focus:

  • Oral Expression and Listening

  • Reading for All Purposes

  • Research Inquiry and Design

  • Writing and Composition

  • Speaking and Listening


Monday- Friday: 10am to 8pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8am to 4pm

*services are by appointment only

Child at school

Algebraic Thinking 

Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Problem Solving


Measurement and Data


Math Focus

Happy Reader

Oral Expression and Listening

Reading for All Purposes

Speaking and Listening


Writing and Composition


ELA Focus

Private Tutoring

One on One tutoring sessions with a tutor of your choice

Homework Help

One on One tutoring sessions to help with homework


Intensive Advocacy Program

One on One tutoring sessions with an individualized learning plan to get back on track.

Individualized Learning Plan

An intensive evaluation based on a variety of assessments that includes a report or results, recommendations, and list of goals set specifically for your child 

Therapy + Tutoring 

personalized learning activities fostering both academic and emotional growth

We cater our lessons to meet the needs of your child's specific learning style!

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What Clients Say

"Mrs. Mac has been working with my 2nd grader for 3 weeks now, two diagnostic sessions and two regular tutoring sessions and I already see the improvement. My daughter is reading more confidently and is correcting herself when she makes mistakes. I look forward to the next 16 sessions to see where she’s at by the end of the year."
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