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Summer Vacation: Should it include Tutoring?

Five Reasons to include tutoring in your child's summer plans.

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Summer vacation has long been a break that every child looks forward to at the end of a school year. It’s traditionally a time for kids to unwind, relax and forget about the demands of assignments, assessments and classroom work of the past school year. However, this extended break can also have a negative impact on a child’s future academic performance.

The impact of an extended pause in learning has some surprising negative results. Engaging in educational activities, including tutoring, during the summer can help alleviate learning loss and set your child up for a positive and engaged summer as well as a successful academic year.

Reason #1 - Studies show children lose up to 3 months of academic progress

Summer learning loss is a well-documented phenomenon that affects students from ALL socioeconomic backgrounds. The Department of Education's research shows that students in the U.S. can lose an average of one month of learning over the summer. Any significant loss in learning can have a substantial impact on your child's long-term educational career.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, "students who do not engage in educational activities over the summer can lose up to three months of academic progress".

Reason #2 - Students who experience summer learning loss are more likely to struggle with achievement

These losses are cumulative, meaning that each year that a child falls behind, the more difficult it becomes to catch up without academic assistance outside of the classroom.

After experiencing the detrimental effects of COVID and students being left to learning on their own, this comes as no surprise. Students are already behind and are struggling to meet the expectations of grade-level work. Adding additional learning loss just compounds the blow of being "behind".

Students who experience ANY learning loss are also prone to having lower graduation rates and are more likely to experience social and emotional challenges.

Reason #3 - Data shows that learning loss is most pronounced in math

Over the past 2 years, classroom teachers have seen the greatest learning detriment in math. Students are behind expected levels by years, not months, due to our country's response to COVID and in-class education.

The Department of Education's data also shows that the average learning loss over a summer break in math is more than two months. The significance of this loss is that math skills build upon each other, and those that fall behind may experience momentous stress and frustration trying to keep up.

Reason #4 - Easing summer learning loss with tutoring

There are ways to alleviate learning loss. One effective approach is to add tutoring into your child's summer routine. Tutoring provides the chance to review, practice and remediate material they learned during the school year. This can reinforce learned concepts or allow for understanding of unobtained concepts and prevent the learning loss.

Tutors can provide a different approach or technique of teaching concepts with enrichment activities that allow your child to obtain learning and prevent further learning loss. The obtainment of misunderstood and essential concepts keep students engaged and motivated over the summer months.

Reason #5 - One-on-one tutoring shown to be most effective

We know that EVERY student is different and unique; that no two are alike. One-on-one tutoring allows for personalization of your child's unique "holes" or needs. It allows for the greatest growth and support for those who are already behind academically.

Small group tutoring is a good option for students who need review or practice of concepts and who benefit from peer support and collaboration.

Next Level Up Learning and Counseling Center announces Summer Learning Programs

Because Next Level Up LCC understands the importance and significance of the current climate of learning loss, we have developed FOUR programs to meet the varied needs of students and parents who want to avoid any further learning loss over the summer.

Join us this summer to mitigate the impact of summer learning loss by including tutoring in your summer schedule.

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