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Does My Child Really Need Tutoring?

Signs they may need extra help in order to be successful in school.


For many parents, the stress of continued and unsuccessful attempts to help their child with their school work can be overwhelming. And unless parents are told by the school to specifically to get a tutor, the decision on whether to hire a tutor or not can add to that stress. Sometimes, your child just gets "stuck". As much as you try at home and your child's teacher may try in the classroom to address concerns, the one-on-one of a tutor may be your answer.

Here are several signs that your child may benefit from tutoring:

  1. CONSISTENT UNDERPERFORMANCE is a red flag that your child is struggling in school and may need extra academic support from tutoring. The key word here, is consistent. If your conversations with your child's teacher seems like a broken record, it may be time to bring in someone who has in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and can implement teaching and study methods geared specifically to your child.

  2. DIFFICULTY GETTING STARTED on their work in school or homework is another sign your child may need additional support. Your child may be frustrated and/or embarrassed to ask for clarification or help. Tutoring based on identified problem areas can significantly help give your child the 'kick start' and confidence to perform academically.

  3. SLOPPY HOMEWORK, LACK OF ORGANIZATION, OR MISSING ASSIGNMENTS YOU KNOW THEY COMPLETED may also be hindering your child's ability to be successful in the classroom. Extra help from a tutor can help with strategies to aid in organization and learning.

  4. LOW SELF-ESTEEM can be a sign that consistent underperformance is taking a toll on your child. An inner-voice is telling them that they must be 'stupid' or 'dumb'; when in fact, they are bright but need extra help in understanding concepts they are being taught in the classroom. A tutor can spend one-on-one time with your child and present those concepts in a different way and in your child's preferred learning style. It is amazing how fast self-worth turns around when the light bulb finally turns on.

  5. LOSS OF INTEREST IN ACADEMIC STUDIES can be a red flag, as well. Sometimes when a student isn't fully grasping the concepts being taught in school, it is easier to just disengage rather than ask for clarification or help to assist in their comprehension. Again, tutoring gives the little extra attention, perhaps given in a different way which will help them re-engage.

  6. DIFFICULTY GRASPING THE BASICS may also be a sign to look for when deciding on whether a tutor is needed. The classroom teacher will present concepts and move on when the majority of the class comprehends and displays evidence of attainment, often leaving those who do not grasp the basic concept behind. Tutoring can help identify these "holes" through highly directed and individual instruction. A tutor can help your child understand those missed concepts and allow for further instruction to build upon those basics.

  7. BATTLE OF WILLS AND MELTDOWNS OVER HOMEWORK is all too common in most households where tutoring could help. You are your child's "life coach", but sometimes your child needs a bit more than you can provide. Using tutoring services can eliminate those conflicts and allow for a more harmonious relationship between you and your child.

  8. LYING ABOUT HOMEWORK, TESTS OR ASSIGNMENTS can also be a sign that your child is avoiding schoolwork. There may be multiple reasons this may be happening, such as not grasping the concepts, fear of letting you down, apathy, self-esteem, disorganization and lack of basic skills on which to build upon. By utilizing a tutor, who is scheduled to work specifically with your child on their academics, a safe zone is established to eliminate any dishonesty.

  9. ANXIETY ABOUT GOING TO SCHOOL again can be attributed to many reasons, but help from a tutor may offer solutions to many of those avoidance tactics.

These are just a few signs or red flags to look for that your child may benefit from tutoring. It may be just the one thing that helps turn around your child's academic career.

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