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Who We Are


Micheal Mendez


Michael is a counselor who will fight for you. He understands that life is rarely a walk in the park and that it’s only when we push ourselves that we can find our true potential. His job is to help you push past your own mental and emotional boundaries and find a healthy life where you can thrive.

833-444-8726 Ext 701

Rachel Finch


Rachel believes in and advocates for her clients. She works with people in a relational, genuine, and caring manner. Within this relationship, she supports her clients in developing perseverance and resilience to achieve goals – to rise every time they fall.

Rachel has worked as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant and a School Counselor in addition to being an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).  She believes in empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as being the best possible version of themselves. 

833-444-8726 Ext 700

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