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Aly Millard, M.Ed.

Cognitive & Emotional Facilitator, Teacher

Aly is a passionate advocate for children's success in academics and social development. With a background in teaching and Applied Behavior Analysis, she specializes in supporting children facing behavioral challenges that impact their school and social experiences.

Fluent in English, with limited proficiency in French and Spanish, Aly offers personalized support for toddlers, children, and preteens, addressing issues like autism, behavioral challenges, and school-related concerns. Inspired by ITSCO's work at the intersection of mental health and academic success, she is committed to fostering inclusivity, understanding, and empathy.

Believing in the power of each child's strengths, Aly helps them find their voice and advocates for counseling success when they have the tools to navigate challenges and achieve their goals. Beyond her work, she enjoys activities like Top Golf, hiking, and supporting the Colorado Springs professional soccer team. With a Master's in Education, she continually seeks growth opportunities to better support children's holistic development.

Aly Millard, M.Ed.
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